Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Alexandria

7416 A, Richmond Hwy, Rt 1 S Directions Alexandria, VA 22306

  • Sales: (866) 981-1058
  • Service: (866) 981-5411
  • Parts: (866) 981-6230
  • Body Shop: 703-780-7200

Meet The Don Beyer Volvo of Alexandria Family

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  • Jordy Coho
    GM & Volvo Sales Manager

  • Tom Roe
    General Sales Manager

  • Aaron Bork
    Volvo & Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Jack Seaver
    Service Manager

  • Nicole Izes
    (703) 768-5800

  • Christina McCurry
    Finance Manager

  • Ron Samuels
    Volvo and Pre-Owned Sales & Leasing Professional
    (703) 718-2241

    Aquarius and Alcorn State University graduate, Ronald Paul Samuels, was born and raised in McComb, Mississippi. The first vehicle he ever called his own was a Chevrolet. He enjoys eating sushi while watching the Saints during football season, Barrack Obama, or his all time favorite movie is A Christmas Story. If he could have dinner with anyone, it would be with his mother. The last vacation he went on was to the Caribbean Islands.

    We have had the great fortune of having Ron as part of the Don Beyer Volvo family for the past 21 years, thank you for your dedication to the Volvo product and Don Beyer Motors company.

  • Robert Cuffee
    Volvo and Pre-Owned Sales & Leasing Professional
    (703) 718-2236

    Robert Lee Cuffee, was born in Tidewater, Virginia. His favorite food is salmon and can't choose between Avatar and the Matrix as his top favorite movie of all time. When he's not watching the Redskins, you can find him glued to his iPad! His last vacation was to the Philippians, and he did not enjoy flying the long flight, three hours is about the max he can take off ground. He finds music meaningful, as many Capricorns do and would play the lottery with the number 5. His sharp intelligence and instinctual nature make his spirit animal a wolf. He is currently reading Duty, by Robert M. Gates, which includes history of one of his favorite Presidents, President Barrack Obama.

  • Ed Brown
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Craig Izes
    Volvo Service Advisor
    (703) 718-2222

    Craig Izes has been in the automobile industry since his teen years, becoming a part of the Don Beyer Volvo of Alexandria family 13 years ago, in October of 2001. This Sagiterius is native to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he developed an appetite for pork chops, became a Washington Redskin's fan, and was given the middle name of Steven. The first car he ever called his own was none other than the 1969 Pontiac LeMans. He's partial to the color red, and the 40th President, and is not an advocate of filling out forms he feels is useless.

    "Recently, I took my S80 to the Alexandria dealership for servicing. As always, I received prompt attention to my situation from Craig Izes. Since my car purchase in 2006, Craig has consistently supervised what the car needs, and he makes sure that a thorough job is done. Although I live far away from the dealership, it is worth it to continue to bring my Volvo back to Don Beyer. Customers remain loyal when they are treated well by the service department after they buy the car. Memo to Don Beyer: Keep Craig happy."

    "Craig has the patience and knowledge to assist every time my 96 Volvo needs service - whether regular maintenance or immediate fix. His guidance and explanations are outstanding as his extensive experience and vehicle information provide accurate time and monetary estimates. Always helpful and courteous, he is the main reason I continue to patronize Don Beyer service."

    "Last Friday, my battery suddenly sounded like it was ready to die. When I called Don Beyer Volvo at 2:30 PM, Craig said to come right in. An hour later, I had a new battery. Thanks to Craig for fitting me in on a late Friday afternoon! That saved me a lot of anxiety! Great job!"

  • Mike Milloy
    Service Advisor

  • Brenda Valencia
    Pre-Owned Service Advisor

  • Keith Williams
    Volvo Parts Manager
    (703) 768-5800

    Keith Robert Williams is by definition a Capricorn, a hard and dedicated worker, became a part of the Don Beyer Motors family shortly after our Grand Opening. The first car he ever hit the road in, was a 1970 Nova. When he's not watching the Raiders during football season, you might catch him watching his favorite movie, 2005 American independent drama, Hustle & Flow. He's an animal lover, with two dogs, Brandi the miniature pinscher, Parker Lewis, the Yorkie and Monzter the cat. Luckily for us, his spirit animal is a hawk, his clear sightedness, courage, wisdom and observant traits are a huge attribute to Don Beyer Motors. 

  • David Donchatz
    Parts Staff

  • Kenia Olivares
    (703) 768-5800